Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Apples and Pears 1...

The first Apples and Pears took place on the 16th May 2009. There was howling wind and a bit of rain, but we had a great day anyway, and decided we should definitely make it a regular occurrence. Here are some pics of the day...

Lana's Cards and Crafts

Hollie Mitchell, Peter Walker Fine Art,
Codger Bags, Corrina Slayford.

The cards we chased across the square, Holly-Kate's Jewellery

Nintai Jewellery and Freya Barlow's Vintage Clothing

'Me Vs Venus' Printed T-shirts and Textiles

Rita and Freya working it for the paparazzi!
...It was so good, the Evening Post came down to write a story!

to be continued.... xx

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